December 24, 2011

Saturday is football day!

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Saturday am.

Since the NFL bailed out of playing on Christmas Sunday in favor of a full schedule on Christmas Eve Saturday, I switched AA days at work. I ground it out yesterday and get to watch games today. I even got my Christmas shopping done, so I don’t get stuck burning my day on that. Life is good.

My best friend from college checked himself in to the ER in Tillamook, OR with chest pains. They wound up transporting him to Portland and keeping him for observation for two days. That’s not good. I’m going to give him a call towards midday, when supposedly he will be en route home. I was gonna buy him a jumbo bag of pork rinds for Christmas — a sick joke and a long story — but decided not to do it. He would have appreciated the effort though.

I got a few paragraphs on the American Legion written yesterday. It is coming slowly. I expect I’ll spend all three days next week getting that and A.J. Muste up to snuff. My observation about the Legion is that Teddy Roosevelt Jr. COULD have exerted a much more dominating influence than he did, but he decided for whatever reason to step back a little and to let the group develop its own leadership organically. If I were a historian studying a question of history, that would be the big issue so far: why exactly did he do this?

I just learned this morning that TRII died in 1944 as a Brigadier General on the beach at Normandy. His old man may have been a big-mouthed blowhard ultra-nationalist asshole, but one must tip one’s hat to TRII for putting his money where his mouth is. R.I.P.

There were two preliminary meetings prior to the founding convention of the organization in the fall of 1919, one in Paris and the other in St. Louis. The Paris session seems to have been sporadically attended, the one published vote tally I’ve seen adds up to 350 or so and emphasizes that not everyone voted, by way of apology. The official attendance was listed on the page before I started as an all-too-round 1000. My guess is that something just short of 500 is more likely, based largely on a photo of the proceedings, up now on WP.

The St. Louis session, on the other hand, is listed at 1100 in one source I’ve seen. That’s possible, but could well be an exaggeration, too. Political organizations have a tendency to pump up their numbers, I have learned.

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Books Received:

Ralph Darlington, The Political Trajectory of J.T. Murphy. Liverpool UP, 1998.

Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Blacks and Reds: Race and Class in Conflict, 1919-1990. Michigan State UP, 1995.

Richard Seelye Jones, A History of the American Legion. Bobbs-Merrill, 1946.


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