December 13, 2011


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Tuesday afternoon.

Well, I’m happy with how the Philip Van Patten turned out. Damned happy, actually. I found one itsy-bitsy little trivia bit in an obscure paperback on the history of the Socialist Labor Party mentioning that he wound up in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and that proved to be the clue that enabled me to find his “dates,” which had been eluding discovery.

Born Simon Philip Van Patten, Feb. 22, 1852 in Georgetown, Washington, DC. Died Sept. 21, 1918 in Hot Springs, Arkansas, where he had become a prominent architect.

There you have it.

I’m getting my brain ready to move on to Ellen Dawson now, I was just thumbing through the biography of her, which will be my primary source.  It looks like I’ve got a few books on Scottish radicalism that will come into play as well, as well as a monograph on the Gastonia Textile Strike of 1928. There’s another book or two on Gastonia that I need to track down, and I need to find the autobiography of Fred Beal in my books downtown (I’ve got about half my library in the basement of the shoe store due to space considerations).

This one will be my 138th new start on WP. I’m not going to get going until tomorrow morning though.

•          •          •          •          •          •          •          •          •          •

Next on my dancecard, time to go spin some film. I want to get a couple pieces from the SLP press of 1890 — which is an altogether different beast than the SLP of the 1870s. I’ve got an account of the establishment of the fledgling Social Democracy of America cued up. If I bump into an obituary of Paul Grottkau, that’s a bonus, but I am not expecting to find one.



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