December 13, 2011

Back to the early SLP…

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Tuesday morning.

Up at 8:00 am, a nice pretty, blue day — but cold as crap. Coffee, Wheaties, and a newspaper, yadda yadda yadda…

Well, short week this week, only three days to work before I’m back to the coal mine, and one of  them is already shot. I should be happy enough with yesterday’s output, I did want to put a definitive piece written by Philip Van Patten into the world after all, and the December 1879 NEC report that I typed up ran to damned near 6000 words, which is full day’s work for me. So that’s a big check mark off my “To Do” list.

I also scanned up and digitally edited the rare 1923 leaflet by Morris Hillquit that I got in the mail a couple days ago and posted that up to, which is another thing I wanted to accomplish.

But the bio on Van Patten himself hardly went anywhere. I played around with it a little and then moved along to other preoccupations of the day. So today I need to make some serious headway on that, with a view to finishing the thing up.

I’m not going to get into the Ellen Dawson piece at all today, if I have any extra time I will try to improve the already standing WP piece on the Lehr und Wehr Verein (Educational and Defense Society), the radical workers’ militia groups centered in Chicago. It’s very hard to do proper research on this institution without knowing German or having access to the Vorbote or the Arbeiter Zeitung, the two Chicago newspapers edited by Paul Grottkau and others that were supportive of the movement, but I can certainly take things from fair to good with an hour or two of work.

I did also find something cool when I was uploading stuff to yesterday, scans of a 10 volume set edited by John R. Commons and others entitled A Documentary History of American Industrial Society. I’d never even seen that listed in footnotes before. The introductory essays are good and while the content skews early, mostly the first half of the 1800s, it seems, volumes 9 and 10 do touch upon the National Labor Union and the Greenback movement, which is origins of my period of interest. I was pleased to find those and am sure they will come in handy as I continue to come to grips with the origins of the Marxist movement in America during the 1870s.

Now off to AfD and then to work…



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