December 12, 2011

Van Patten continued

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Monday afternoon.

Not the sort of intense writing that makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something today, but some progress on the Van Patten bio. More importantly, I’ve found what I’ve been seeking in terms of a lengthy piece by him that provides a glimpse at his ideas — a report of the NEC delivered to the Dec. 1879 Convention of the SLP. It’s fairly huge and I’ve spent quite a while typing already, with more to do.

There’s no way I’m going to get done with his bio today, so I’m gonna slide the Trotsky Bibliography project off the agenda for this week. Hopefully I will get Van Patten and Dawson both done this week.

A nice clear day, albeit with a cold breeze. I sat on the deck bundled up in my coat and typed while puffing a Cubao #2 (torpedo). My first Don Pepin Garcia cigar — obviously well crafted but a little too “subtle” (not to say “weak”) for my taste. It finally got interesting starting the last third.

A fairly huge mail haul today, so a list follows.

•          •          •          •          •          •          •          •          •          •

Photographs Received:

* 1921 superpro press glossy of VP Calvin Coolidge and Warren G. Harding. Looks like a very official shot. Nice.

* 1930 press glossy of Young Pioneers at a summer camp in Farmington, MI giving the Pioneer salute (see the Ruthenberg graphic at the top of my header for that…) A little pencil marking to the image, but it should airbrush out okay. Another keeper.

* 1953 publicity glossy of anti-Communist writer Eugene Lyons. Not a very nice piece. I’ll probably donate it to University of Oregon after I make a scan, they’ve got the Lyons papers down there.

Books Received:

* Ernest Untermann, “The Militia Bill,” as Wayland’s Monthly No. 39. Girard, KS: Appeal to Reason, July 1903. Not listed in WorldCat.

* Fred D. Warren, “The Alton Steal: How It Was Made Possible by the Man Whose Policies the Republican Party Endorses,” as Wayland’s Monthly No. 98. Girard, KS: Appeal to Reason, June 1908. WorldCat lists 1 copy only, Lincoln Presidential Library in Illinois.

* A.W. Ricker, Socialism In Action: What Socialists Want. What Socialists are Accomplishing Where in Power. How Socialists Propose to Get Possession. St. Louis, MO: National Rip-Saw Publishing Co., May 1912. Edition of 10,000. WorldCat shows 6.

* Karl F.M. Sandberg, The New Rebellion. Chicago: Karl Sandberg, n.d. [1913]. With inserts. WorldCat shows 9 copies.

* Morris Hillquit, The Story of the British Labor Party. Chicago: Socialist Party, n.d. [1929]. Leaflet. WorldCat lists 1 copy only, at the Institute of Social History, Amsterdam. They date it as 1924, my copy has a rubber stamp dated 1929.

* Communist League of Struggle, The Struggle for Communism: The Position of the Internationalist-Communists of the United States. New York: Communist League of Struggle (Internationalist-Communist), Jan. 1935. Ultra rare 8.5 x 11 mimeographed document, printed cover. WorldCat shows 5 copies, 3 of which in the USA.

* Jessie Wallace Hughan, New Leagues for Old: Blueprints or Foundations? New York: Plowshares Press, n.d. [1945]. Her last pamphlet.

* Charles Jackson [pseudonym?], A Practical Program to Kill Jim Crow. Second, Enlarged Edition. New York: Pioneer Publishers, Dec. 1945. With insert.


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