December 9, 2011

What I Do

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Friday night.

Well, readership of this blog, after spiking at 16 or something on Day 1, has achieved a comfortable and easy-to-maintain level of 1.33 unique visitors per day since then, which is just about right.

Today I got up earlier, clowned around in Articles for Deletion a bit, went to work, played with dogs, sold a few shoes, ate a burrito, wrote some checks, sold a couple more shoes, played with dogs, went home, ate some more food, and watched TV.

Rinse and repeat.

•          •          •          •          •          •          •          •          •          •

People sometimes ask me what I do. I’m a historian.

University profs have to teach Western Civ to vacant-eyed frat boys and sororitistas to make their research possible, I sell shoes to grannies.

Same difference.

I do my work in the public domain, they publish stuff in journals nobody ever reads.

We all make our choices.

•          •          •          •          •          •          •          •          •          •

I haven’t been doing a proper job of recording books and photos received, so I’ll start.

Books Received.

* Thomas Brady, Historical Basis of Socialism in Ireland. New York: National Executive Committee of the Socialist Labor Party, 1919.

* James Fintan Lalor, The Rights of Ireland and The Faith of a Fellon. Intro. by James Connolly. New York: The Donnelly Press, n.d. [c. 1920].

* James Connolly, Labor, Nationality, and Religion. New York: James Connolly Socialist Club, 1918.

These came from a seller in Scandinavia, via eBay.

•          •          •          •          •          •          •          •          •          •

Looks like I have a 3 off – 3 work – 1 off week ahead of me. AA needs to get ready for a sale, so I took her off the schedule, more or less, which costs me a day. She’ll be down there every day anyway. She needs a hobby.

I’ve got my topics picked for next week. For Wikipedia I want to start with a biography of Philip Van Patten and then take on a big piece called Leon Trotsky Bibliography.

The latter  may be a bigger chunk than I can chew, we’ll see. I spotted something in the WP New Articles queue last night on Trotsky’s The Permanent Revolution. As you can see, it sucks. It’s also one of Trotsky’s lesser works, despite the big-sounding title (Trotsky being known for the theory of Permanent Revolution, which was actually the innovation of Parvus). Results and Prospects was actually the first big Trotsky work on the topic. That’s esoteric trivia, of course, but it still sort of……….. what’s the word? ………… something that undercuts the value of this page.

This is a page that COULD be made into an article that would survive an AFD challenge, but it would be a hell of a lot of work to do that and if I’m gonna dump two days, it should be something rather more important, I think. Thus, getting a Trotsky Bibliography up strikes me as being a better use of my time.

The problem here is that the published Trotsky bibliographies — I have two of them and there might be a third out there — are MASSIVE. I’m guessing 1000 pages or something, two thick volumes each. I should check that. Sinclair is about 1,350 pages and Lubitz more or less the same size. How to distill that into something of manageable size?

It’s a tricky question.

And, with that thought, dear 1.33 readers, I bid you good night.


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