December 8, 2011

Too Much Information, pt. 4A

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Thursday night.

Well, I spent my day on Paul Grottkau and it came out damned nicely. There’s still information to be added on his last 10 years — unfortunately he died in June 1898, right when the Social Democracy of America was splitting between colonizers on the one hand and Victor Berger and Gene Debs’ electorally-oriented Social Democratic Party on the other. It doesn’t look like there was an obit run in The Social Democrat for him, which was controlled by the colonizers at the time of his death. And the Berger group’s paper, as nearly as I can tell, didn’t start until July.

So while I know the death date, it’s not turning up anything good.

I didn’t get a chance to check The People, the official organ of Daniel DeLeon’s Socialist Labor Party of America, but DDL pretty much thought that anyone who wasn’t with him was scum. So I doubt there’s anything good there.

I learned a lot today about Grottkau. They had a May Day demonstration in Milwaukee that he lead (on a Saturday) that turned into a general strike. The Governor called out the National Guard, who fired warning shots on Tuesday and fired into the crowd on Wednesday morning, killing 5, 6, or 7 people, depending on who’s count you trust. It’s remembered to history as the Bay View Massacre.

Through the same logic that the authorities used to kill Parsons, Spies, & Co. in retaliation for the Haymarket bombing, Grottkau was hauled before the bar and convicted of riot, sentenced to a year of hard labor. He only served 6 weeks of he term before being released. Supposedly he ran a campaign for Mayor of Milwaukee during this time, anticipating Gene Debs’ 1920 Presidential campaign from Atlanta Federal Penitentiary.


•          •          •          •          •          •          •          •          •          •

I spent the better part of an hour typing up an interesting piece by Laurence Gronlund criticizing Berger for splitting the organization — only to discover that I had already typed it up a few years ago. These things happen, I think I’ve published something like 2200 documents, maybe more. I need to remember to check.

NFL game tonight, Browns at Steelers. If there were a hell, Satan would have that game on an infinite loop. Boring.

I washed the dog and am trying to get psyched up to go sell shoes to grannies tomorrow. My “two wasted days” begins. It’s not a bad job, really it isn’t, and I’ve learned that if I put too many “off” days in a row, my productivity goes down. There needs to be a little deadline pressure in my life. Monday I hit the ground running, Tuesday I flag, Wednesday I try to come back strong, and if I’m lucky I have a good Thursday. If I get anything at all done on Friday or Saturday, that’s a plus. Sunday I do my web site update.

Rinse and repeat.


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