December 7, 2011

Too Much Information, pt. 3

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Well, yesterday was a pretty weak day for output. I floundered around on the Social-Democratic Party of Wisconsin piece until the early afternoon, then goofed around for a couple hours. This thing is shaping up to be even bigger than my Socialist Party of Washington piece, which pushes the limits…

I see the jerk who tried the mass deletions of politicians at AfD yesterday and then who trolled my Wikipedia “Talk” page all day long yesterday trying to start a fight drove by and dropped a “One Source” flag on the piece this morning, which means that I will indeed need to spend some time today on that. Sort of annoying, but the flag is correct. I was hoping to switch gears and work on a biography of pioneer socialist Paul Grottkau today instead. That Wisconsin thing is going to eat two full weeks of my time to get it anywhere near done right…

I also received a book on Scottish-born radical Ellen Dawson yesterday, and was hoping to get to her this week. Maybe next week.

Anyway, things turned around a little bit for me yesterday late in the afternoon. I sparked a short Joya de Nicaragua robusto — a 4.75″ hand grenade of spicy goodness — while I was walking the dog, then got five short pieces, I think it was, typed up for my website from microfilm, mostly on the Ruthenberg trial.

C.E. Ruthenberg is the dead guy in the photo in the top right corner of my header, by the way. He died of acute appendicitis in 1927, right before he was going to be sent to prison for his conviction in the aforementioned 1923 trial, after having exhausted all appeals. His crime? Attending a convention of the Communist Party. That was found to be a violation of Michigan law. True fact. I think he was sentenced to 5 years in prison for that, off the top of my head that’s what it was anyway.


Never forget that the conservatives were far more violent and crazy than the early radicals ever thought of being.

Well, first on the agenda today is to add three more sources so the 15 year old asshole will stop stalking my Wisconsin piece. Seriously, all that wanker has done on Wikipedia this month was try to get 7 or 8 minor politicians’ biographies eliminated from the encyclopedia. THAT is his “contribution.” Ridiculous. There’s a never ending stream of such assholes, they seem to rise in the ranks to become administrators by the time they’re grizzled 20 year olds…



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