December 6, 2011

Too Much Information, pt. 2

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Tuesday morning.

Another day, number 2 of 4 of my “work” days this week… Out of bed at quarter to 9:00 and caffeine pumping in my veins, it’s time to get started.

First, as always, a visit to Wikipedia’s Articles for Deletion to see what the cat is trying to murder… I caught an attempt to wipe out a piece on the University of Washington Alumni Association last night before I went to sleep (yes, deletionist assholes would wipe out something as obviously encyclopedia-worthy as that, which is why they need to be watched every single day). My defense there would not be regarded as a good one, but there is as yet no mob with pitchforks clamoring for the article to be eliminated so it might be enough. Another deletionist is trying to zap about 10 articles on California city-level politicians without having done basic research on each, so I dumped cut-and-paste defenses on his cut-and-paste nominations…

I don’t go to AfD because I like AfD — it’s just something that needs to be done. I very much consider participation there a form of volunteer service.

Anyway, I’m not a “blank slate” this morning, since even before I was out of bed I knew that today was the day to go back to work on a piece on the Social-Democratic Party of Wisconsin (state affiliate of the Socialist Party of America) that I started back in August and promptly forgot. I spotted my old page when I was zipping around yesterday working on Crouch-Hazlett.

I’ll probably pound on this for a few hours and then move along to more microfilm.

I’ve also got a book project going on that I need to do some work on this week. More of that later.

Off to work I go…


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