December 5, 2011

Too Much Information, pt. 1C

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Monday evening.

During the summer on a Monday afternoon I’d be out on the deck with a spicy torpedo and a history book, hanging out in the shade sipping some cranberry juice. Ahhhhh, nice… Monday is my official Cigar Day, after all.

This time of year I’ve gotta pick my shots with a cigar while walking the dog on a Relatively Less Shitty day. Today it was frigid and tonight it’s Monday Night Football, so there ya go. I’m chomping at the bit for a good one, I wasted my time with a Gurkha a couple days ago and it was like cold drawing on an oak tree twig. Bah.

BTW: My Chargers suck somewhat less badly than the Jags this year, pass it on.

Anyway, during the game I managed to convert a couple of my backlog of typed up files (I’ve still got about 225 in the hole — long story) and got those run up as pdfs. I wrote descriptions for them and will be uploading them to my website shortly. Wikipedia is my secondary purpose, my website and the project behind it that it represents is my real purpose. That thing merits a few words, but not tonight.

The URL is

So I’ve been trying to publish 10 of these things a week this fall and winter, chipping away at the backlog. Sometimes I get to that quota, other times I don’t. Last week I put up 7 files, only 1 was new. Weird week. No worries.

I can usually convert about 4 of them during Sunday football, sometimes a couple more — it depends how compelling the games are.

A good week for me would be 2 new pieces to Wikipedia, a couple substantial improvements to already-existing WP pieces, four or five new pieces typed up from rare sources converted to pdfs, a couple pdfs posted up to, and conversion of maybe 8 of my backlog files. That’s a good 4 days of production. It doesn’t sound like much, but that’s going after it pretty hard — 6 or 8 hours a day for 4 days.

Heading for 8:15 pm and the Chargers in firm control. If I didn’t care about the teams, I’d be reading microfilm now.

Tonight, I’ll stick around.



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